The Application Programming Interfaces had boosted in the recent years by several reasons, at aeriaA we consider the following highlight:

  1. The fast growth of Software as a Service (SaaS). 
  2. Two years ago, 4% of people had a pc/laptop and smartphone and a tablet, we are now about 20% and obviously growing.
  3. The use of the technology and web based apps/protocols has expanded to every sector, every place, it have been introduced as a new hand appendix, we carry a device connected to dozens or APIs (social, transports (urban, airlines, traffic…), photo, meteo, etc.)
  4. The 3rd party integration in apps is just mandatory, every aspect of an app can be socialized, shared or just simply need 3rd party services for being functional.
  5. Companies have to much information to share with each other to gain competitiveness, cross-sellings,  customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, the easy APIs implementation and development have open de Pandora’s box for developing new services and products.


The power of APIs. Credit: Mulesoft.

The power of APIs. Credit: Mulesoft.


But what about the APIs in the aviation sector?

At aeriaA we are following the aviation API’s sector very close, we published a post about this at airports, these will be a series. Have a look to the post about ACRIS. I put here an embedded presentation included in the ACRIS post, take a look, it talks about the new digital level at airports (It only has 9 light slides).

We can find several aviation public/private APIs:

  • SITALAb.
  • FAA.
  • Eurocontrol’s SESAR/SWIM.
  • ….

The services and products are endless by APIs integration, in an airport’s environment would be as follows.


Physical - Digital Interoperability. New services and products opportunities. Credit: Pedro Garcia.

Physical – Digital Interoperability. New services and products opportunities. Image Credit: Pedro Garcia.

In this section you will find…

  • … public aviation’s APIs ready to develop your apps, IT solution, etc.
  • Private APIs.
  • APIs proposals or in a development phase.

Please, cooperate.

Send us your aviation related APIs to: apis [at] aeriaa [dot] com


Infographic source: www.mulesoft.com/infographics/application-programming-interface