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On the Aeriaa Airport Dashboard (part III) – AODB and BHS

Following the Aeriaa Dashboard (see part I and part II), it’s time to talk about data sources, this includes systems that provide information for our Aeriaa Dashboard architecture. In the basic architecture diagram, shown in part II, you can see the Databases and Airport Systems components.

Aeriaa Airport Dashboard Architecture


Let’s put in context a couple of systems that we are going to use in our Dashboard.

On the Aeriaa Airport Dashobard (part II). Architecture

Aeriaa Airport Dashboard

In the previous post (On the Aeriaa Airport Dashobard part I) I introduced the environment of this little demo project. I want in this post define the project scope, in order to develop the “Project Charter”

  • Aeriaa airport, principal stakeholder need an airport dashboard for viewing the status of the primary airport processes.
  • These processes (or flows) are: airplane process, passenger processes (departures and arrivals flows), baggage processes and another group (not less important) with security, power, IT, etc.
  • The dashboard will inform about the status and the future trends and affections of processes and between them.
  • Simple navigation, concise, and simplicity with data visualization.
  • We will access to the dashboad from everywhere.

Also, this dashboard will be used as source for process reengineering.

On airport models

Today I want to delve into a passion since I was a kid, the models. I think I made more than 100 airplane models, mainly in 1/72 scale, every Xmas I wrote a letter with 10 models, fun for months :)

The best brand I bought those days were Hasegawa and the worse probably Italieri (I didn’t like its plastic), other brands as Revell, Tamiya (the best but expensive) were passing by my hands. The best models I’ve made were the F18 Hornet with the Spanish decals!, SR71 Blackbird, Spitfire, Hurricane, F14 Tomcat, and a Mirage IV with the free-fall nuclear weapon, it was a gift from french family.

Hasegawa F18

On airports Mobile Apps (ANA Portugal)

This is a new section dedicated to mobile apps developed by airports. I want to start with ANA Portugal Airports App. Absolutely fantastic. I can’t stop seeing these pictures. (Let me put them big sized :) )

iPhone ANA Menu

On the Aeriaa Airport Dashboard (part I)

I would like to start this section with a homemade post. I like planes, I like computers, I like airports, I like the connection between techonology and aviation, so lets make a little application related to airports using some technologies, some of them new for me, to build a demo with some sense. The purpose of this demo is technology self learning and for sharing with you some airports concepts.
Let’s start!

Demo App: The Aeriaa Airport Operation Dashboard.

Imagine that there is a big-size airport called Aeriaa International Airport, with a fake IATA code, AEI (some day I’ll post why the airports code are composed) with about 20 million passengers per year and with one huge terminal building.

Starting new things

I just say Hi! Welcome Aeriaa, a place to share Aviation and technology subjects. What will you see in this site?

  • Aviation and technologies news.
  • Personal tech demos.
  • …. we will see :)

I’m passionated with aviation, so you will find here issues related to planes, airports, space…. and I’m passionated with technology, so you  will also see here programming articles, little demos, gadgets news….

So, thanks for reading, and I hope to update the different sections regularly.

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