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SR-71 Blackbird replacement. RQ-180 new UAS.


AviationWeek magazine revealed today the RQ-180 project for a new strategic UAS aircraft  that could be a new icon in the aviation history as the SR-71 Blackbird was. I recommend the reading of the complete article written by Amy Butler and Bill Sweetman on Aviation Week.

Aviation Week front. Source:

Aviation Week front. Source:

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On the beginning of drones (Skunkworks, SR-71, U2….)

Lockheed Martin D21 Drone on SR71 mothership. Source:

Lockheed Martin D21 Drone on SR71 mothership. Source:


On the beginning of Stealth planes (F117, B2…)


B2 and F117




Put the passengers first. ACI World


Airports Council International had launched an initiative branded PassengersPlus.

“PassengersPlus is a worldwide airport community that celebrates the very best examples of airports putting passengers first.”

Pentagon to cut the F35 operating costs

According to a report written by Reuters, the Pentagon is cutting the operating costs of the F35 more than 20%. This could potentially increase the international orders and get a breath to the JSF program that had suffered a lot of controversial. In the case of the F35B version, the amount of estimated cost per hour of operation was calculated to 41.000$ and it would be reduced to 37.000$.


Lockheed Martin F35