The Data Science in Aviation Workshop

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Date(s) - 15/10/2013
10:00 - 17:00



The aviation sector gathers and stores a large amount of unstructured, heterogeneous data: safety data and reports, flight plans, navigation data, airport data, radar tracks….From airlines to ANSPs and airports, the collection of information through different data sensors is growing exponentially.

How the different stakeholders take advantage of these data has not evolved as rapidly as the ability to capture it. There is a large opportunity gap between the potential offered by the data and the outcomes of its analysis.

ComplexWorld’s ‘Workshop on Data Science in Aviation’ provides the opportunity for experts and professionals from the data science and aviation fields to gather and discuss ways knowledge from aviation data can be extracted in order to enhance our understanding of the Air Transport System’s behaviour and the complex relation among its elements.

The workshop will be led by experts, peers and academics from the fields of Aeronautics and Data Science, and will include those qualified to discuss the available data and cutting edge Data Analysis techniques and tools, and its existing applications in other sectors.

Click here to see the Data Science in Aviation agenda and details of the attending speakers.

We warmly invite you to attend and share your own ideas, expertise and opinion to add to the fostering of research in this promising area.

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