Help this project

At aeriaA we want to support the Open Source Projects related to aviation whatever its field of application. The Open Source tools, applications, etc. are basic for one of the most dynamic sectors of the world, aviation.

Are you planning or developing an aviation related Open Source Project? Need help?

Use aeriaA for showing your plans and project, we can include it in the Open Source Projects section and if you need help of any type we can include it this section too.

What kind of help?

Do not only think in an economic way, think in all of these:

  • Elevator Pitch. We never know who might be watching this site!
  • Evaluation of your idea.
  • Ask for beta testers.
  • Contact with other developers.
  • Show a demo.
  • Look for partners.
  • Advisory.
  • Contact with airports/airlines etc. to offer demos/webinars etc.
  • Stimulus, impulse…
  • aeriaA could offer you space for an AirTalk, the Open Source Project section directory, promotional article, a video in our Youtube channel, a tweet, etc.

How to submit your proposals?

Send us an email to projects [at] aeriaa [dot] com

Tell the details of your project, who are you and what do you need.

Is it this a Crowdfunding site?

No, it is not. We are not “Kickstarter” or similar.

Will you filter the projects?

Yes, we will. It is necessary for keeping the quality of this site, you can read Our Vision section.

Contact us

Send us an email to projects [at] aeriaa [dot] com