Mum, I have worked in this project.


What is the section “Mum, I have worked in this project” about?

First, I want to tell you why I though in this section. One day, at Aena Aeropuertos Youtube channel I saw the Baggage Handling System of the Alicante new airport’s Terminal. As I’ve worked a bit in this project (doing integration tests between SITA BSM’s gateways, airlines, local airport messaging bus, etc) I decided to share that video at Linked In where I’m sure a lot of my contacts would be happy to see it and remember a nice and well done project, the answer were amazing, we all remember good times, the good teams that directly or indirectly take part on it. So, why not recognize that job out of our professional circles, and beyond, our closest friends and families do not often understand what we do or for what, so this is the section about, symbolized in the “Mums” and in the drawings we made at Primary School that we showed our parents proudly, now It’s time that the Project Managers, Directors, etc. recognize the good job of their teams and help them to visualize their job to colleagues, friends, families and of course “Mum”.

“It just a section for recognizing the good job of great teams”

You can see the next video for feeling more about this section. (The music is great).


Why? Other benefits.

Ok, this is very emotional, Mum, friends, the satisfaction of a well done work, good Project Managers, etc. But there are more benefits:

  2. For EMPOWERING your company values.
  3. To show your CAPABILITIES.
  4. And, of course, to ATTRACT customers.

As the video shows, this is a Win-Win scenario. Everybody wins.

Which are the requirements for submitting a successful project?

I could imagine a lot of requirements, but the following are basic:

  1. Always aviation related, airlines, IT projects, aircraft, airports, etc.
  2. A real Project Manager/Director, etc, must to send the proposal to mum [at] aeriaa [dot] com. In this email you have to prove who you are, as a LinkedIn profile.
  3. You must recognize the job of your team, why they were successful, and what they achieved. Of course, if you have permission, you have to name them.
  4. Tell the basics of the project visually, the best way to show not-easy to explains things to our “Mums” is visually.
  5. Be fun.

How can I submit a proposal?

Send your proposals to mum [at] aeriaa [dot] com.

What will be the final result?

I think the best media for this purpose is the video. I’ll put it online on the aeriaA’s Youtube Channel in its specific section, so you then can share with anyone. Please, do not care of the video editing, resolutions, formats, etc, we can talk from the beginning of your proposal and I’ll help you in anything you need.

Why here?

Because I want to show all of this to my Mum :) Out of jokes (or not), this is a specialized site of aviation and technology, you can reach the perfect target you need, or who knows maybe we’ll publish the next viral video with an eccentric dance and music, anyone wants to dance over a A350WB aileron? Sing the source code in assembler of an onboard’s computer? Or flash the Airport’s Terminal lights as a Disco?

I think we just simply must have a nice place to share our great hard work and passion about the aviation industry.


mum [at] aeriaa [dot] com