NASA Rocket Modeler

NASA Rocket Modeler

Rocket Modeler was developed at the NASA Glenn Research Center in an effort to foster hands-on, inquiry-based learning in science and math. RocketModeler is a simulator that models the design and flight of a model rocket. You can change design variables including the size, and shape of the rocket body, the fins, the nose cone. You can also select different materials for each component. The program calculates the weight of the rocket and determines the drag coefficient from a table of experimental data. You can select from a variety of standard solid rocket engines. The program computes the center of gravity and pressure for your rocket and determines the stability. When you have a design that you like, you move to the pad, where you can launch your rocket and observe its flight trajectory. You can pause at any time to record data and then continue the flight through parachute deploy and recovery. The program models stomp rockets, bottle rockets, and ballistic shells in addition to solid model rockets. It also supports both English and Metric units, and you can fly your rockets on the Earth, Moon, or Mars.


Important Note:

  • These simulators developed in Java can be executed in the web browser, please read before if you have the proper security policies configured on your browser, since few years ago Java applets on navigator have extra security policies. If you have problems with the execution of the applications please read this website how to easily change the security policies.
  • If you use MacOSX, please use only Safari or Firebox.
  • I you might also need change the Java Security options adding or allowing as a “good” site. Please read this easy steps for MacOSX  and this one for MS Windows easy steps on how to do it.

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