NASA Wing Geometry Designer

NASA Wing Geometry Designer

Is a simulator to design an aircraft wing model. You interactively change the chord, span, camber, and thickness of the wing and the program generates the geometry. The geometry is displayed in a three-dimensional projection and as an engineering drawing. For the TunnelSys Application, the output from design program becomes the input to the wind tunnel test program. For the TunnelSys Applet, the design illustrates many of the design variables described on the wing geometry web page


Important Note:

  • These simulators developed in Java can be executed in the web browser, please read before if you have the proper security policies configured on your browser, since few years ago Java applets on navigator have extra security policies. If you have problems with the execution of the applications please read this website how to easily change the security policies.
  • f you use MacOSX, please use only Safari or Firebox.
  • I you might also need change the Java Security options adding or allowing as a “good” site. Please read this easy steps for MacOSX  and this one for MS Windows easy steps on how to do it.

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