On the new aeriaA

I want to share with you a new born, the new aeriaa.com that is coming soon. I would like to put it online on september the 1st.

The new aeriaa.com

Why a new aeriaa.com?

Because I need it, because the the experience with the blog during these last ten months have been absolutely amazing, I’ve learned a lot about the visitors (Analytics is superb), your interests, about my pace production, about the people I’ve contacted through the blog, about your comments at LinkedIn, etc.

Because there are so many things to share with you and a lot of them that you can share with the rest of us.

Digital Level is adding to the Departures and Arrivals levels

Digital Level is adding to the Departures and Arrivals levels

How will be the new aeriaa.com?

Completely new, we, my little brother (www.pablogarciafernandez.com) and me, are working hard on our summer holidays in the new web design and contents structure.

The blog section is one among a new ones. I hope you liked it the new sections.

Does aeriaa.com vision change?

Not, the esence will remain, but I want to share the “Vision” that I’m redacting for this new project.

aeriaA is about aeronautics and technology passion. It is focused on three main pillars:

Information: aeriaA wants to inform providing news and articles about interesting topics, not on a daily basis, based on quality over quantity. There are so many awesome aviation websites with daily news. The main topics are: aviation IT projects, airplanes, engineering, aviation history, airports and airlines from an IT perspective, customer’s experience based on IT, etc.

Knowledge dissemination: we want to spread knowledge, preferably open and free. aeriaA is also a platform for open courses about aeronautics in general and the related IT topics also. You can contribute with your material and courses. The target audience is from kids to experts. The kids are our future, and as when I was a child, they love planes, so let show them the beauty of fly from every point of view.

Meeting point: aeriaA is a meeting point for #avgeeks people, for industry people, for open source developers that want to show and share their projects, for webinars events, for plane spotters, etc. We want the open participation based on the freely knowledge cooperation, respect and with a clear vision of future. aeriaA is also a place for sharing your future projects.

aeriaA is the place that I always wanted to have, combining aviation and IT, with touches of history, not for a mass audience, only for being confortable  learning, reading and sharing experiences and knowledge.

You are welcome.

Can you cooperate with aeriaa.com?

Yes, of course, you will see new sections in which I’m sure you want to cooperate. Let me keep the secret a few weeks more :)

n-to-n spaghetti complexity

n-to-n spaghetti complexity


When aeriaa.com will be online?

My plan is to publish it on september the 1st.

Lockheed Martin D21 Drone

Lockheed Martin D21 Drone



aeriaa.com is a set of passions, for the time being it still will be a personal project. It involves a lot of my time, but it’s a pleasure time, I would like to open the web step by step. I’m sure there are people that share the same passion and interest about the aeriaa’s topics as me.

aeriaa.com Madrid-Barajas Airport model. www.aeriaa.com/2012/12/02/on-airport-models/

See you on september the 1st. Have a nice rest of the summer.

Best Regards.

Pedro Garcia.

aeriaA.com Founder and Editor.

The new aeriaa.com

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