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Project Name: Open Aviation Map.

Project status: Finished. But with planned evolutions out of the Hungarian air space.

Links and Repositories:

License: Creative Commons

Author/s: Ákos Maróy

Contact: OAM mailing list.


Open Aviation Map is an open source project. Our goal is ultimately a free world-wide aviation map that lets you navigate your plane freely and safe. Our first area of focus is Hungary because of competence and local knowledge of the area.
The projects includes an Android App:

An application to display aviation maps as you fly.

Current coverage: Hungary, Europe. (But more to come later.)

Applicaiton features:
* automatic map downloads
* base and detailed map packages for download
* pausable and resumable map downloads
* show & follow aircraft location
* lock screen orientation
* keep screen awake without user interaction
* donate to the Open Aviation Map project.

The Open Aviation Map project aims to create maps to be used by general aviation enthusiasts – similarly to the Open Street Maps project.

Screenshots and video:


Open Aviation Map Android App

Open Aviation Map Android App


Open Aviation Map, map on website.

Open Aviation Map, map on website.


Downloadable VFR maps

Downloadable VFR maps