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A rough guide to A-CDM

At aeriaA we are trying to address the A-CDM concept from several points of view, interviews at Meet the Expert’s Airtalks interviews (see the Airtalk with the authors of the TITAN Project book, and with Juergen Weder – Neuropie’s CEO), with the free book download of books (www.aeriaa.com/books/titan-going-beyond-a-cdm/), or assisting to interesting events as the Data Science Workshop, etc. So, last week I had the opportunity of reading the first article of Kris de Bolle’s (thanks Kris) new series about A-CDM at the New Airport Insider website. This is the link to the article.

A Rough Guide to A-CDM

A Rough Guide to A-CDM

Airtalk with Steve Zerkowitz and Ana Saez (TITAN A-CDM book co-authors)

Some months ago, I clicked on a incoming link at Twitter and I downloaded the book “TITAN – Going beyond A-CDM” (you can freely download it clicking the link), I only had some notions about A-CDM and I wanted to deepen on it. So, a friday evening I read it in one go, the concepts were perfectly explained from the scratch, introduction to A-CDM, the extending necessity and the TITAN Project under the 7th EU Framework. Its 75 pages are full of information, very concise and very well explained and developed. So Turnaround Integration in Trajectory and Network (TITAN) got all my attention then.

After its reading, I wanted to know more about this project and authors, so I put in contact with Steve Zerkowitz and Ana Saez, the co-authors of the book, and started to talk. I proposed then an interview the book, the EU projects experience and about A-CDM. This is result, one of the best and informative talk we had at aeriaA. I hope you’ll find it interesting.


AirTalk with…Jürgen Weder – Neuropie’s CEO

I have the pleasure to premiere a new section at Aeriaa, AirTalks. These are interviews with people that I think they can contribute with interesting issues, thoughts and opinions. I have to say that these interviews don’t have any personal commercial benefit or have nothing to do with my professional daily work. There are only a reflection of my passion about aviation, airports and technology, as Aeriaa represents. So, lets me introduce the first AirTalk.

Jürgen Weder is the Neuropie’s CEO. Neuropie is a 10 years old swiss based consultancy firm. Zeus is their star product for providing operational business intelligence to airports. Their key projects are the Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport Management Center (Sheremetyevo had recently awarded by ACI as the Best European Airport in 2012), Zurich Airport Zeus implementation and AMC for South African Airports (ACSA). You also can follow the Jürgen’s blog, Airport Operation.

Jürgen Weder - Neuropie CEO

Jürgen Weder – Neuropie’s CEO

I would like to thank Mr.Weder for his kindly disposition for this interview. In this interview we talk about Airport Management Centers, Airport Collaborative Decision Model (A-CDM), innovation and trends. I hope you will find it interesting.