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On the Airbus Perlan Mission II


Aviation had always a mandatory adventure component. Since its inception, before Flyer took off in 1903, adventure, challenge and epic has been associated to the magic of flying. The riskiest first years of flying, Blériot, Fokker, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, the two World Wars, spanish Plus-Ultra, the golden commercial age, the Constellation, the X-planes, Kelly Johnson, Tupolev, Mikoyan Gurevich, McDonnel Douglas, the 747, the Concorde, A380, TWA-PanAm, Stealth planes, Airbus/Boeing, SkunkWorks, SR-71, etc. are history forever. But in the 21st century flying is just another mean of transport, new programmes as 787 or A350, F35, military contracts, A400 and manufacturers trying to get some Airbus/Boeing market share. Do we still have any adventure to see? I hope so, this is what the Airbus Perlan Mission II is trying to achieve, new challenges with the basic way of flying, soaring with a glider. A plane trying to get higher than any other manned aircraft has ever flown and without engines, just wind. Do you remember Red Bull Stratos Jump and Felix Baumgartner or the recent jump of Google VP Alan Eustace? Like them, this is another epic project.

Airbus Perlan Project II


We had the privilege of making an interview to two members of this project. Soar with us and start this amazing adventure!