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On the Aeriaa Airport Dashobard (part II). Architecture

Aeriaa Airport Dashboard

In the previous post (On the Aeriaa Airport Dashobard part I) I introduced the environment of this little demo project. I want in this post define the project scope, in order to develop the “Project Charter”

  • Aeriaa airport, principal stakeholder need an airport dashboard for viewing the status of the primary airport processes.
  • These processes (or flows) are: airplane process, passenger processes (departures and arrivals flows), baggage processes and another group (not less important) with security, power, IT, etc.
  • The dashboard will inform about the status and the future trends and affections of processes and between them.
  • Simple navigation, concise, and simplicity with data visualization.
  • We will access to the dashboad from everywhere.

Also, this dashboard will be used as source for process reengineering.