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On the new aeriaA

I want to share with you a new born, the new aeriaa.com that is coming soon. I would like to put it online on september the 1st.

The new aeriaa.com

Why a new aeriaa.com?

Because I need it, because the the experience with the blog during these last ten months have been absolutely amazing, I’ve learned a lot about the visitors (Analytics is superb), your interests, about my pace production, about the people I’ve contacted through the blog, about your comments at LinkedIn, etc.

Because there are so many things to share with you and a lot of them that you can share with the rest of us.

Digital Level is adding to the Departures and Arrivals levels

Digital Level is adding to the Departures and Arrivals levels

On Project Management and Joint Strike Fighter Program (part I)

I highly recommend you to view the following video about the Joint Strike Fighter contract competition for building the new All-in-one fighter for the USAF, Marines and Navy. You almost need two hours for watching it (you have the audio transcription in this site Nova Transcript). But please, read first this post.

It’s about competition, project management, team working, and another example of the american industry getting used to accomplish huge challenges. If you like airplanes you’ll get surely fully satisfied.