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On the State-of-the-Art Integration, BPM and CEP on Airports (Free Book in Spanish)

The past 6th of june, at the Aeronautics and Space College (EIAE) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. UPM (Spain), my book titled, “State of-the-Art of IT technologies applied to Airports”, published by Isdefewere presented (spanish language link) by:

  • Miguel Ángel Gómez Tierno. Director of the EIAE. UPM.
  • Miguel Ángel Oleaga Zufiria, the former Madrid-Barajas Airport (from 2001 to march 2013).
  • José Manuel Hesse Martín. Isdefe’s COO.
  • Francisco Quereda Rubio. Isdefe’s CEO.
  • Ángel Cepedano Beteta. Isdefe’s Transport and ICT Directorate Manager.

First of all, the book is published only in spanish. This is the portrait, representing the new Alicante airport’s terminal (ALC):

State-of-the-Art of the ICT Technologies applied to Airports. Author: Pedro Garcia Fernandez. Editor: Isdefe www.isdefe.es

State-of-the-Art of the ICT Technologies applied to Airports. Author: Pedro Garcia Fernandez. Editor: Isdefe www.isdefe.es

The book collects the experience, mine and of my Isdefe’s colleagues, in the application of integration technologies at airports. The main topcis are: SOA / ESB, information model, Integration project approach, airport procedures, competence centers, dashboards and the introduction of new technologies in the field of BPM and CEP. It is also intended for the Airport’s Managerial Staff for reducing the gap with the IT staff about the possibilities of the technology for delivering new services, reducing costs and for generating more revenues.

You can download a free PDF copy, but please continue reading.

On the Aeriaa Airport Dashboard (part VI). Events Logger

Some days ago, a friend of mine, Ram, put me on the track of Splunk, I’ve never noticed it, so I downloaded it and at the first glance I knew it was perfect for the Logger component of the Dashboard’s architecture, let’s remember it (if you are new to this blog see the previous posts):

Aeriaa Dashboard Project - Logger

So, I put to test a little with it. Let see all after the jump.

On the Aeriaa Airport Dashboard. (part IV) Events

It’s time to talk about the airport’s events, one of the more complex situation in the airport’s management is to monitorize the thousand of events that are fired every day and manage them in order to take decisions. Events as flights delays, long check-in lines, the time milestones of a fligh operation (I will talk about some of them soon), aircraft maintenance, refuelling, weather conditions, security and safety incidents, baggage processing phases, air navigation events, terminal comfort (illumination, heating…), etc, etc. If there is a place where the “butterfly effect” take place this is an airport. A simple event can raise delays not only in the airport, but it will cause delays in other networked airports. It’s familiar to you the Captain’s apologize. “We are sorry for the departure’s delay, it is caused due a ‘late’ arrival of the previous flight…”