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That’s one small instruction for a machine, one giant leap for computing

Let’s me take the most famous quote in the Space Race history from Neil Amstrong. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” 

One month ago, an ex-colleague @mt_aertec shared a link that fascinated me instantly. It was about the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) that put Apollo 11th on the Moon.

Then I heard “What a nerd” , “a man with a lot of free time”, etc, etc. But clicking in that link, open me an unbelievable treasure of curiosity (as MARS Rover :) ). I have had a first sight in the PDFs written by John Plutorak, and I see the enourmous effort he made and at the same time, the logical and simplicity toughts he took. He is an engineer from head to toe. He just simply wanted to build a computer.