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Air talk with Antonio Castro CEO of MASDIMA. Managing Airline Ops Disruptions


It is pleasure for me introducing you a person and his project, with other two mates, about the disruption management in airlines (and probably applied to other means of transport), it is a pleasure because this project borns from the university (or college) from the research activity.

Antonio Castro was born in 1965 in Porto, Portugal and studied at Porto Polytechnic Engineering Institute where he got his degree in Information Systems Engineering in 1997. In 2007 he got his Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto and the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the same institution in 2013. Additionally, he has a postgraduate course in Air Transport Operations from ISEC in 2008

Antonio works for TAP Portugal since 1990 and currently he is a Board Advisor for IT/IS projects and responsible for projects related with airline operations control.

Antonio is also Co-founder and CEO of MASDIMA (www.masdima.com) a start-up company created together with two other colleagues, from the research made during his Ph.D. where a Multi-Agent System for Disruption Management applied to Airline Operations Control was proposed, that includes the passenger point of view in the Irregular Operations Management Process (IROPS)

Antonio Castro CEO MASDIMA

Antonio Castro. CEO of MASDIMA