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AirTalk with Jerome Perez Air Cube’s CEO

In this Airtalk we are going to deepen in other technologies applied to aviation, the visual data analytics and business intelligence in aviation, to be more precisely, those applied to airlines, airports and travel distribution. I wonder you know heard about BigData, data science, forecasts, BI, etc. And you probably also read about corporative movements about the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for air travel, Google as a new player in this field, etc. With no more dilation I want to introduce you to Jerome Perez, the CEO of AirCube. (Linked In Profile)

Jerome Perez. CEO of AirCube

Jerome Perez. CEO of AirCube

Air Cube is a Travel Technology & Consulting company, specialized in tailor-made Visual Data Analytics Solutions turning big data into relevant data for airlines, airports and travel distribution players. Jerome spent the last 20 years close to the key players of the aviation and travel industry, through engineering, business consulting and marketing missions. Since Jan 2011, he is the CEO of Air Cube. Please, keep reading this interview.

On the origins of the Airline’s Electronic Reservations Systems. Iberia, Aviaco and IBM’s study (Part II)

In the first part of this series, I talked about the early steps taken by Aviaco and Iberia in order to  mechanize the reservations processes, one of these steps was an IBM study for collecting the basic requirements, model the basic data, tests the concept and make projections about the reservation’s business. This post is about this study, book a seat.

Reservations History