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On the use of Google Glass in Pilot Training


On 5th of march 2014, the spanish Flight Training School Adventia European College of Aeronautics flew for the first time in aviation a flight with two pilots wearing Google Glasses. It is the first time of this kind of milestone. This flight has been scheduled for the Pilot Innovation Day and in the workshops “Innovation in the Cockpit” organized by Adventia (Salamanca University Partner). This experience takes part of the research in the application of electronic devices in the aircraft’s cabin, after several new devices analysis, Adventia chose Google Glass for researching its capabilities in the air navigation field so as to improve the training quality of the future pilots.

Google Glass is a wearable device that has a camera, GPS, bluetooth, microphone and a little screen, this device can inform the user in real time issues.

Google Glass in Aviation Training

Google Glass in Aviation Training

Quo Vadis Iberia?


It is really ironic that this question could be formulated by any Hispania’s roman centurion more than 2.000 years ago. Cartago established on the Hispania’s east coast and promote the commerce of mineral deposits and goods in the mediterranean area. Hannibal was devastating Italica and Rome needed to cut their procurement chain between Hispania and Rome. So Rome started the invasion of Hispania about 200 years b.C.

Today, october the 12nd, in the Spanish National Day I saw the new Iberia Airlines Livery shot by an spotter at Toulouse, France (Is it a fake?). IAG spent 10 millions € in this new rebranding strategy of Iberia.

Update: [Oct 15th] The new logo and livery finally revealed today (this article was started on Oct 12th) and it is confirmed that is as shown below.

Spotter's photo of a A330 with supposed new Iberia's livery.

Spotter’s photo or recreation of an A330 with the new Iberia’s livery.


New Iberia's livery.

New Iberia’s livery.

aeriaA’s very very serious researches. (Iberia’s BagTag)


On the origins of the Airline’s Electronic Reservations Systems. Iberia, Aviaco and IBM’s study (Part II)

In the first part of this series, I talked about the early steps taken by Aviaco and Iberia in order to  mechanize the reservations processes, one of these steps was an IBM study for collecting the basic requirements, model the basic data, tests the concept and make projections about the reservation’s business. This post is about this study, book a seat.

Reservations History

On the origins of the Airline’s Electronic Reservations Systems. A grandfather’s story (Part I)

This is the my grandfather’s story about the one of the first european airline’s electronic reservations systems.


Photo. UNIVAC 494

The beginning of this story took place in late 50′s, the local spanish airline Aviacion y Comercio (Aviaco, IATA:AO, ICAO:AYC) had two visionary workers Pepe Fernandez Monreal (my grandfather) and Rafael de la Torre. They wondered on how to manage the ungovernable manual reservation growth. This is the little story of their achievemt and it is also about the competition between IBM and UNIVAC computer makers. Please take your boarding pass.

Aviaco Boarding Pass