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aeriaA’s very very serious researches. (Iberia’s BagTag)


aeriaA’s very very serious researches. (AODB)


Real Madrid chooses Ryanair [Jokes Zone]


New Ryanair's Livery

New Ryanair’s Livery


Madrid, August, 31. News agencies reported that the best football team ever, Real Madrid, has chosen Ryanair for its flights.

Real’s President, Mr.Florentino Pérez said

“This is the best strategic decision we’ve ever made, Gareth Bale has cost 91€ millions of euros, we need to fly on low cost airlines”.

Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, exultant said

“With this strategic agreement, we diversify our incomes, we are going to introduce new raffles and lottery on board, you can win a Ferrari for a 10.000€ ballot, if Real looses his match we increase 1.000€ the passenger’s fee, etc.”

Ryanair's CEO. Michael O'Leary

Ryanair’s CEO. Michael O’Leary


It is known that the turnaround operation is crucial for Ryanair’s punctuality and costs, this reporter ask to Mr.O’Leary about what they have in mind if a match has an extra period, or if the referee add 5 minutes of extra time.

“Yeah, we are ready for that, and even more. We talked with UEFA for the possibility of doing the anti-doping tests on board for not waiting the players after the match.”

In Spain, there was a lot of controversial because the Real’s choice, why not Iberia Airlines? Asked themselves the spanish people. For replying this accusations, IAG’S CEO, Willie Walsh, said

“Iberia? What Iberia? You must be wrong, that airline finally could not reduced its costs and salaries enough and we only wanted the Madrid-Barajas’ Terminal 4 HUB, It’s must be a joke!”.

But what the players said about that? Cristiano Ronaldo said

“I’ve requested Priority speedy boarding fee on every flight, and asked to ‘Presi’ Florentino for buying me 10 ballots for the Ferrari’s raffle, for me this is OK”

Cristiano Ronaldo when he realized that he achieved Priority boarding.

Cristiano Ronaldo when he realized that he achieved Priority boarding.

Captain and goalkeeper, Iker Casillas said

“It doesn’t matter, I’m the Captain of the flight too, O’Leary gave me the opportunity to command the flights, he said something about Ryanair’s pilots strikes or something…”.

The new field of Casillas, command the Ryanair flights.

The new field of Casillas, command the Ryanair flights.

Other sources said that the next Ryanair annual’s calendar will be starred by the Real’s WAG (Wives and girlfriends).