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Quo Vadis Iberia?


It is really ironic that this question could be formulated by any Hispania’s roman centurion more than 2.000 years ago. Cartago established on the Hispania’s east coast and promote the commerce of mineral deposits and goods in the mediterranean area. Hannibal was devastating Italica and Rome needed to cut their procurement chain between Hispania and Rome. So Rome started the invasion of Hispania about 200 years b.C.

Today, october the 12nd, in the Spanish National Day I saw the new Iberia Airlines Livery shot by an spotter at Toulouse, France (Is it a fake?). IAG spent 10 millions € in this new rebranding strategy of Iberia.

Update: [Oct 15th] The new logo and livery finally revealed today (this article was started on Oct 12th) and it is confirmed that is as shown below.

Spotter's photo of a A330 with supposed new Iberia's livery.

Spotter’s photo or recreation of an A330 with the new Iberia’s livery.


New Iberia's livery.

New Iberia’s livery.