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On Project Management and Joint Strike Fighter Program (part II)

In the first post (On Project Management and Joint Strike Fighter Program (part I)) I introduced the JSF contract competition and I started to talk about Project management thoughts related to the Nova documentary about the JSF program. In this post I would like to continue with it.


Writing as a scriptwriter of interlaced movies, I move forward in this story to talk about the present situation of the F35 program:

  • In a report, issued by the Government Accountability Office (they work for the US Congress) on june 2012, the estimated cost of one F35 unit raised from $69 millions, not the objective of JSF to cost the third of the $100 million F22 unit costs, raised to $133 million! one third more of the F22.
  • Problems with stakeholders realtionship, between Lockheed Martin and DoD is awful. The Joint Program Office (JPO) Manager, a two-star general, said  “The relationship between Lockheed Martin, the JPO, and the stakeholders is the worst I’ve ever seen — and I’ve been in some bad ones”.
  • Problems with software and the helmet. This plane is too advanced that about 12 million lines of code (mainly C++) and the complexity of the helmet device make this beauty aircraft a real headache for everybody.
  • In 2006 it is planned to procure 1.591 units, now the number decreases to….365.

On Project Management and Joint Strike Fighter Program (part I)

I highly recommend you to view the following video about the Joint Strike Fighter contract competition for building the new All-in-one fighter for the USAF, Marines and Navy. You almost need two hours for watching it (you have the audio transcription in this site Nova Transcript). But please, read first this post.

It’s about competition, project management, team working, and another example of the american industry getting used to accomplish huge challenges. If you like airplanes you’ll get surely fully satisfied.