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What is the section “The Showroom” about?

This section is about excellent products and services. Do you have one? Perfect, we want to give you a place here for showing why your product/service is different, excellent and interesting for any aeriaA visitor.

“We want the excellence.”

Why here?

If you are considering to use this space you’ll probably be in one on the next two situations:

  1. I’m a big company, I showcase my products and services at International Fairs, at Webinars, at your lead website, etc.
  2. I’m a little/medium company, I probably or not have several channels for promoting me, I do “guerrilla marketing”, etc. 

So why here? Because if you have an excellent product or service, this showroom will be exclusive for you, because no matter if you are big or small, we treat you as equals, big and small companies build excellent, good, so-so and bad products and services, but we only accept the excellence, do you want to take part of this showroom?

“No matter if you are big or small. We treat you as equals.”

What kind of products and services could be hosted here?

These are the requirements:

  1. Your product or service must be related with the aviation industry. Airports (involved in any airport’s process), airlines, aviation software and hardware, air travel, airplanes, communications, ATC, etc.
  2. It is desirable that your product or service have an IT smell, aeriaA has a motto, “Where technology meets aviation”, so the product or service must be related with technology. This is because we want to learn a bit about how the IT make the product or service possible. We give you a space, we want to learn with your solution.
  3. This is not a pure marketing space, yes, you are promoting your product or service here and for sure you will get notoriety, but we also learn about you.

“We expect aviation and technology related products and services.”

How can I submit my Product/Service?

You can send us your proposal to showroom [at] aeriaa [dot] com. We need a brief description of it, where to view it and why honestly your product or service is excellent.

The revision process.

All the products and services will be revised by us, first to review if you satisfy the basic requirements. This is the process.

Approval's process for "Your Showroom" proposal.

Approval’s process for “Your Showroom” proposal.


Each product or service needs a particular format, after the approval we can discuss about the best format to show it. Video, article, interview, photos, demo, etc.

Let’s enjoy and learn of yours.

Submit your proposals to: showroom [at] aeriaa [dot] com