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As I announced on my latest post, we were working on the new aeriaa.com, “we” means me and my little brother, for developing new features for these goals:

  • More social.
  • More participative.
  • More sections.
  • More aviation and technology.

Let’s see each feature:

More Social.

  • We opened the users registration feature for two basic reasons:
    • Get your comments on posts, news, events, etc. Now you can comment below in the articles/news etc that have the Reply/Comment section available.
    • Questions & Answers section, we opened this section in order to everybody that has an aviation related questions, ask for it, and now you can answer it.

For registry we do prefer the use of facebook, google or linkedin accounts, you’ll see buttons of these social networks in the Login/Register form.

  • The AirLetter is the periodic newsletter you can subscribe, we will send it monthly, we do not want to be spammers. We want to send you the best we published or capture our attention during the month.
  • More channels, you have more channels to enjoy aviation with aeriaA:
      • Youtube. The aeriaA TV Channel has the videos we produced and some very interesting video playlists as (Education, Great Planes, Military history, Aerodynamics, Spotters, Love to fly, Pilot’s view, etc).
      • Twitter, our account is still online @aeriaablog follow us!
      • Facebook, our facebook fan page will continue to update aviation and technology stuff.
      • Instagram, follow us (aeriaagram) and tag your photos with #aeriaa and of course with #avgeeks, the best interesting aviation photos tagged with #aeriaa will be shown on the Spotter section.
      • 500px, are you a photographer? See our page at 500px and if you have an user there share with us your photo, we will upload your best photos to our profile!
      • LinkedIn, you can add me to your contacts and follow the aeriaA page in this professional network.

    See our first videos:

[Youtube_Channel_Gallery user="aeriaacast" videowidth="300" ratio="16x9" theme="light" color="white" autoplay="0" rel="0" showinfo="0" maxitems="16" thumbwidth="125" thumbratio="16x9" thumbcolumns="4" title="1" description="0" thumbnail_alignment="top" descriptionwordsnumber="6" link="1"]

More participative.

  • Now you have a lot of sections for participating with us.
    • “Mum, I’ve worked on this project”. Recognize your team for their great job.
    • Open Source Projects. Share with us what is the Community developing in the IT aviation industry.
    • Help this Project. Ask for help or give a hand to Open Source Projects or interesting projects.
    • The Showroom. Show us your excellent products and services related with aviation/airlines/airports/IT.
    • Aviation APIs. The digital revolution for the new products and services. Share interesting aviation APIs and lets think about its applications.
    • aeriaA KIDS. We will put more educational content within this section, for the time being we start with a section called “Where view planes”. Let’s show them planes!
    • Spotting. Show your best aviation photos.
    • Meet the experts. We want to learn from the best. See the sections Airtalks, Questions & Answers, and Events and Webinars.
    • Questions & Answers. We ask, we answer, any aviation related topic.
    • aeriaA TV. Enjoy aviation videos, share with us the best videos on Youtube.
    • Library. See the recommended books section, we can also find free downloadable books.
    • Education, webinars, etc, etc. There are a lot of places we can cooperate and share with everybody.

More sections.

See the above menu bar and explore it, there is full of new sections, most of them mentioned before.

The Jokes Zone, there is a place for humor too. We will find very very serious researches and some special news.

Of course we maintain the articles section!!! It’s the origin and the core of this web.

More aviation and technology.

It is the core of this website, all the new design and sections have the same goal, share and spread the passion about aviation and its technology whatever be its field.

I invite you to have a glance to our/your new website, many of the new sections are still empty, but I’m sure we can feed them with the best contents possible.

You can also read our Vision.

Thanks for coming.


Say goodbye to the old aeriaa.com

Old www.aeriaa.com

Old www.aeriaa.com





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