Where view planes

Great for kids

RAF Museum London Great for kids

A great Museum for kids (and families), with a lot of amazing planes, located at North of London. The entrance is free.

What is the “Where view planes?” section about?

In this section you can find and send to us (info [at] aeriaa [dot] com), nice places for going with kids and watch planes.

How can I contribute with my favorite places?

Yes, the more places we can put here the more our kids (and dads) will enjoy. When it is possible we will detail the specific conditions for a kid in that place, as recreative facilities, good meal & drink services, kids friendly, etc. So if you want to send us your favorite places for watching planes please provide us this basic information:

  • Place’s name.
  • Type: a museum, air festival, airport, etc.
  • Complete address, because we put it on a map.
  • Price. If apply, for adults and kids.
  • Kids facilities and entertainments. As games zones, simulators, kids specialized staff, etc.
  • Of course, any testimonial or review of your great day enjoyed there, photos, or whatever.

In those places where I, as an aeriaA editor, I already was, I put and special ribbon for verifying it. Could I get to visit all the places? Would you invite me? :)

That’s all.


Send your favorite places for watching planes with kids to, info [at] aeriaa [dot] com